Cusco IT Sales & Services is a registered business in Manila City, Philippines and The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

     All product names, trademarks and logos are the property of their respective owners.

     Rates, prices and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. For more details, please contact Cusco IT Sales & Service at

    This website is owned by Cusco IT Sales and Services. Your data privacy is important to us, and we will take all reasonable actions to ensure your personal information is protected.

The following policy outlines on how we handle your data:

1.  Liability for Content  

     The information and recommendations on this website are provided in good interest of the public. Cusco takes the greatest care in sharing quality information on the website. However, the Cusco cannot guarantee that the content is comprehensive or up to date. The use of the content of the Cusco’s website takes place at the user’s own risk.

2. Liability for External Links

     The website may contain links, which lead to external third party websites. Cusco has no control on the content of these external websites and assumes no liability. To which Cusco is not obligated to examine the content of linked third party website. As soon as knowledge of a violation is gained, the respective link will be removed immediately.

3. Data Protection

     If the user visits the Cusco’s website information concerning the access (e.g. date, time and viewed websites) may be stored. This data does not involve any personal data. 

     The website may be used without giving any personal data. However, if such data (e.g. email address, contact numbers, or name) has to be provided, the disclosure of such data is provided by the user voluntary. No information from the user can be shared without the users approval.

     The transmission of data over the internet may be subject to many security vulnerabilities. It is therefore possible that third parties may gain access to this data. Regarding this a complete protection is not possible. In the case that any of contact information such as address, mobile number, and email address, acquired by third parties for marketing purposes are prohibited. In case of a violation of this prohibition the Cusco reserves the right to take legal measures against it.

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